Binary data
Binary data

Solutions and services

  • ERP software
  • Hosting
    • As a HansaWorld hosting partner, we are able to host your Standard ERP system on a variety of cloud-based patforms, including IBM, FastHosts, UKFast, and Krystal.
  • Training
    • We can offer training to suit your specific requirements, whether that's one-to-one or classroom-style.
  • Consultancy
    • If you need help finding solutions to your business needs, we are here to advise you.
  • Support
    • We provide telephone and e-mail support for Standard ERP, from 9am till 5pm Monday to Friday.
  • Business Intelligence
    • As a partner, we can offer a graphical reporting suite which links directly to your Standard ERP software, giving you the power to easily analyse your data and make informed business decisions.
  • Customisation
    • With two in-house HAL (Hansa application language) programmers plus access to a wider base of developers, we are able to add new features or amend existing features in your Standard ERP software.
  • Integration with other systems
    • Standard ERP can communicate with almost any other software system, using the following methods:
      • File exports and imports (CSV, tab-delimited, XML, JSON, fixed width etc.)
      • EDI (via an EDI service provider)
      • Web requests (Standard ERP pushing data into and pulling data from other web-based systems)
      • REST API (other systems pulling data from and pushing data into Standard ERP)
    • Using HAL, we are able to output and accept data in the format required by third-party software.
    • The following is a non-exhaustive list of systems that we have integrated with:
      • Magento
      • Shopify
      • WooCommerce
      • EDI (via Commerce Connections)
      • QlikView
      • SalesForce
      • Excel
      • SQL
      • Banks (BACS payments and Direct Debits)
      • Jira
      • Movilizer Track and Trace
      • UPS
      • Third party logistics/warehousing
      • Card Manager


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